The Worlds of Jan Stryvant



Life for Dan Westridge used to be easy.

Used to be. His father was once one of the richest men in the City of Sacramento. So what if his parents never had time for him? Made him work weekends and after school? Only allowed him to date the 'right' kind of women? He still had a pretty easy life: servants, good food, nice clothes, the latest games, and not a lot of expectations working at the family business.

Then one day it all started to very quickly fall apart and months later he's living on the street, slowly starving to death, his parents both dead and every penny of the family fortune is gone. He's been beaten, robbed, and had to learn the hard way how to survive as just another of the unfortunate homeless living on the streets. Still, he's struggling, but he's alive and surely things will get better...

After all, how could it possibly get any worse?

WARNING: "Cursed" contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, attempted murder, actual murder, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, destruction of private property, theft, no arson (yet), demonic sex, gratuitous sex, mayhem, violence, breaking and entering, card cheats, a trip to Stockton (pee-ew! roll up that window!) and a really nice lady who drinks too much.

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