The Worlds of Jan Stryvant



Two down and three to go! If Dan was keeping score, and he is, that's about where his life sits right now. Of course there's still a nasty curse that's taking every opportunity to mess with his life causing him problems, but Wrath, one of the sexier aspects of his curse seems to know how to keep all of that under control.

Unfortunately, or maybe it really is fortunately, Dan's curse can't be removed until they free the rest of her friends. Otherwise they'd be forced to kill him, and both Wrath and Aella, his now current full-time companions really aren't very fond of doing away with him just yet. All Dan knows is that he's really enjoying the oath-swearing part of the deal that they each have to take after he frees them.

But there are bigger problems on the horizon for Dan. First and foremost is the wizard who cursed him as well as the five demon-girls. Apparently he's not very pleased with the idea that Dan just might escape his fate, or that the girls apparently already have. Then there's some other more deadly fallout from all of this that Wrath and Aella have been rather hesitant to inform him of.

WARNING: "BeDeviled" contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, attempted murder, shootings, robbery, breaking and entering, axe wielding demons, attempted raps, murder, lost innocence, destruction of private property, theft, still no arson, demonic sex, gratuitous sex, mayhem, more violence, car bombs, liars and other cheats, and yes there really is a hidden stage and bar in the Lion's Building in downtown Sacramento.

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