The Worlds of Jan StryVant

Dan's Inferno Series

Current Books Available:
Book I: Cursed!
Book II: BeDeviled
Book III: Heritage
Book IV: Vengeance

Not Available:
Book V: Dominance - one day I may write this

This series was done while dealing with some very hard times, death of a family member (NOT the Wuhan flu), death of a close pet, being shut in over a bunch of stupid policies that anyone who has ever worked in medical research knew were complete bullshit, a serious amount of depression, and dealing with a year long lawsuit, that while I won it, led to all sorts of issues from death threats on down and cost me a fortune. Oh, and learning about the games ACX/Audible was playing with us indies - THAT didn't help either (and is why only the first two books are on Audible and nothing since then, that isn't already under contract).

This was also supposed to be a five thousand word short story. We see how well THAT worked out.

Basically we start with Dan. Dan has been completely fucked over for something he had nothing at all to do with. He's been coping as best as he can, but apparently that's just not been good enough. Suddenly shit gets even worse and he finds out he's been cursed and there's this little hottie of a cat demon that wants to kill him — only she can't. Cause she's now trapped in his curse as well.

Having hit the boiling point he tells her off, and gets in her face and the only reason she doesn't kill him is because she can't, because of the curse. And, maybe, maybe because he's the first guy to ever stand up to her?

As the story progresses we lean more about who cursed Dan and why. We also find out why Wrath, the first of the five demon women that will join us on this adventure was cursed as well, and by whom. The demon women, who are all quite lovely, and yes, quite deadly, are all impressed by Dan because he's not afraid of them. Not in the least, for all that he's human... Or is he?

Still, he's bound and determined to help them, even if it may mean his own death, because he's just about had it 'up to here' with the ration of shit he's had to consume in his life and because getting revenge on the person who killed his family and cursed him and the girls is worth it as far as he's concerned.

The girls may have other ideas as it turns out. Because running into a human who not only has zero fear of them, but who finds them all attractive, highly desirable, and sets about making them his girlfriends, causes some distinctly un-demonic behavior and desires on all of their parts.

Yes, there is a fair bit of what I'd call 'Fan Service' in this series. I was in an unhappy place when I wrote it, so I wanted to write about a guy who took HIS unhappy place and made it a happy one, even if it might mean his death.

Future Books
Will there be a book five? I don't know. Most of the story is wrapped up by book four and sales were slow when it came to book four (the first three went like gangbusters). I think that was because in a LOT of places, people were FINALLY being allowed out again when book four hit, so they had a lot less time for reading as they all had a life to catch back up with (and bills, bills, and more bills). Book four's sales have gone back up, and there is an interest in book five, so who knows. I got the plot written for it. So maybe it'll get done.

Oddly enough, none. Not a one — well other than Amazon Advertising NOT ALLOWING ME TO ADVERTISE IT. Yeah, they wouldn't. The cover for book four has ZERO nudity, because I wanted to advertise it, yet it was STILL labeled as PORN. No, I don't get it either. At one point I did have to involve lawyers for other 'apparently unrelated reasons'. It was not fun, but seeing as I'd just won a lawsuit that was making Amazon millions of dollars, I think their legal department 'had a few words' with some folks, because problems quickly went away.

So if any of you unnamed and unknown lawyers at Amazon every read this: THANK YOU. And keep going after those IP thieves and plagiarists. That's god's work right there.