The Worlds of Jan Stryvant

Over Our Heads

Into The Dark

Before he became Shadow, he was just Sean...

Though to the media, the FBI, and a hundred police agencies he was The New Jersey Devil, The Steel Samurai, The Saint Louis Slaughter, and dozens more. These stories are the tales of how Sean learned discipline and the martial arts skills that have served him so well. The honing of his hunting skills while growing his rare gift. From his time in College where a series of accidents leads to him finding his sensei to his life at Boston Implantables as one of their most gifted and inspired engineers and one of the more successful serial killers of the super hero era. Up until that fateful moment where a not so innocent secretary convinces him to change his ways.

This collection is divided into three sections. The first covers his College Days, where he learns how to use his gifts. The second is his time living in Boston where he slowly begins to follow the path of most avengers into darker and darker behavior. The third are a few bonus stories that did not make it into the original 'Shadow' Novel.

NOTE: The college stories were originally published under the title 'Shadow at College' (which has been removed from publication).

WARNING: While not all that explicit, a lot of people die in this book - and Sean, (aka Shadow), kills most of them.

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