The Worlds of Jan Stryvant

Sean (SJ)

Sean (SJ)

Growing up the eldest son of Sean Valens wasn't always easy and it wasn't always fun, but the truth is when your father/son bonding moments consist of going out with your dad to blow things up and kill djevels, you really don't have a lot to complain about. Sure, as the eldest son there were a lot of expectations placed on him, but SJ never had a problem with any of that. Mainly as he was the one doing the placing.

After a couple of tours with the infantry on the border, as well as inside of the DEZ (Demon Exclusion Zone), SJ is now in charge of the hunter teams tasked with rounding up and elimination all of those djevels on the outside. It's a hard and often thankless job but he welcomes the challenge.

The only problem is, it seems things have been slowly getting worse, not better, over the last few years and he wouldn't be his father's son if he didn't take it personally.

WARNING: "Sean (SJ) contains scenes of blatant disregard for things that we should all regard! Things like your elders and those 'older and wiser' and any other thing a headstrong young man might run into. Plus a pair of dangerous and slightly conniving wives who do occasionally need to be put into their place. Oh, and let's not forget sneaky tigers, not so sneaky cheetahs, and a poor chair that was just minding it's own business until it was smashed into little pieces against the wall. (Oh, and yes, there's sex in this book as well, a little mayhem, property destruction, but sadly no robbery).

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