The Worlds of Jan Stryvant



Twenty years ago, his father saved the world. Or so the history books will probably say once someone gets around to writing them. All Mihalis knows is the world he has been raised into. It's not a bad world, as things ago, he has a big and loving family, but there is the ongoing 'war' that promises to be on-going for a good many years to come.

Raised to the blade by his mother, and taught not only her ways as well as a good many of the ways of her people, but also the ways of his father's other wives, as well as the ways of his magic, Mihalis has had a very thorough education. Even if a fair deal of that education is in the arts of war.

But all he really wants to do is to prove himself. To go out into the world and show that yes, he is his father's son, and that yes, he is his own man, to find his own way in the world.

WARNING: "Mihalis" does contain many of those things that the previous series was known for: Bad jokes, poor modern culture references, obscure song references, violence, and yes, what you've all been waiting for: Sex. Now SOME PEOPLE don't seem to UNDERSTAND that these warnings are done as much as a joke as a 'Spoiler' alert, to alert the PRUDES that yes, like all MODERN science fiction and urban fantasy stories, there is Sex in the story! Heaven forefend that these quivering fragile flowers should read any modern romance! I dare say they'd die straight-away from the non-stop kinkfest that is modern romance! So SCREW THEM! YES! There is all sorts of sordid and kinky stuff that's been done while I wrote this book and most of it was done by YOU! You Dear readers! So let us NOT go into this cold dark night alone or afraid! Because we know what that dreaded noise in the shadows is! That Moaning and Groaning and the rattling of chains! That noise is US! (Have Fun).

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