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Be Of Good Cheer

Be of Good Cheer

Having taken the Auction House in Bartertown, Mihalis must now keep it. Thankfully, five of his sisters who recently unlocked their 'cubi aspects have come to help. As all of them are members of the self-styled 'Sisters of Steel' and Alska their leader is with them, he's feeling good about the situation as they're all experienced warriors.

However this still leaves him with his other problems: A dozen women whom he just rescued from certain death that he now has to take care of, protect, and figure out what to do with until he can send them home; Dr. Ruxton, who is most certainly up to something other than what he claims to be doing - but who has actually done a lot of good in the world for all that he is a ruthless man; a profitable black market business that needs to be run in such a manner as to make sure that those profits end up in his pocket, and a dark elf house that needs to be put in its place and taught a lesson.

At least it won't be boring.

WARNING: "Be Of Good Cheer" contains lots and lots of that kind of language that sailors are most famous for! It also contains other forms of 'blue' language (how come there isn't 'green' language?), consenting couples having consenting relations, polygamy (or is that big-oh-me?) A young lion putting together his pride - along with all the spice that means, or to put it in blatant terms: Sexual Relations! Also we have sheep being fleeced, money being made, hucksters being hucked and succubi being... Umm, I think you get the picture. Oh! And remember! If you see a guy in a collar muttering something about two crazed twins as he stumbles along ever eastward, you might just want to head in the opposite direction.

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