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Unlike his brother SJ who wants to run things for their dad, or Mihalis who looks like he's about to stake his own claim on an outlaw city, Troy Valens just wants to have a good time. Having developed a well deserved reputation for partying, playing pranks, telling jokes and being something of a 'class clown', he's come to a point in his life when he realized that he needed to prove that he could be taken seriously.

After a bit of bowing and scraping, last year he convinced his father to let him join the scouts who patrol the Demon Exclusion Zone, and in that last year he's more than proven that there is one thing he does take seriously: his job. He's become so good at it in fact that when his brother SJ starts to worry about the possibility that djevels are getting out, Troy is the one who gets handed the task of finding them.

However in the middle of all of this, a joke Mihalis decided to play on him has turned into something that's not a joke at all. Something that has definitely gone beyond his control and suddenly Troy has found himself with a lot more responsibilities than he ever meant to have. For someone who's supposed to be as shallow as a mud puddle when it came to the opposite sex, he's finding that he's a lot deeper than even he thought as he struggles to balance these new responsibilities with the job his brother needs him to do.

WARNING: "Troy" is definitely not for the faint of heart because have you seen how fast that sucker can run? You can't do that with a faint heart! Seriously! You'll kill yourself! Yes, there are references to *gasp* sex in this story. There's even references to (dare I say it!) marriage! Oh noes! Run for your lives! It's about growing up and taking responsibility, the one thing that's kryptonite to jokers everywhere! Oh, and if you just happen to be driving through the deserts of Nevada and see some guy babbling about two brothers and some 'game' they're playing? Don't stop.

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