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Beware of Darkness

Beware of Darkness

Back home in Bartertown once more, Mihalis is working on advancing his plans to turn Bartertown into the kind of place where the rich and powerful come to make those special deals that they prefer to do out of sight of both the public and certain governments. He's also spending a fair deal of his time over at HoJo's, where Talin and Caitin's sisters are still very interested in him. Now if only he would stop being ambushed by assassins afterwards . it's definitely becoming quite annoying.

Uncle Steve's campaign is still a thing, and he might have to put in another appearance with Black and White before it's over, but right now he's become intrigued by a rumor that seems to be circulating around the djevels. Something about a new djevel prince. One that not only has learned to survive here in this new world, but one who's learned to thrive in it.

A certain incubus lord who apparently happens to be him.

For Mihalis, and the lions, this could be something of a game changer. Dealing with the djevels has been proving to be more difficult than first imagined - they're a lot craftier and more cunning than originally thought. So if Mihalis were to encourage this idea, it could be helpful. However there's a possible downside to this whole affair as well. To be a djevel prince Mihalis would have to take their oaths, and taking their oaths ties him directly into their power pool.

And no one knows just what the affects of Mihalis touching that would be...

WARNING: Under the advise of council I'm not supposed to talk about -REDACTED- or -REDACTED- and how the initial trials of -REDACTED- with his new -REDACTED- performed. However I can tell you that 'Beware of Darkness' does contain more of the -REDACTED- that you've come to -REDACTED-. So, remember that! And don't say you weren't warned! (Note: No -REDACTED- were -REDACTED-, -REDACTED- chandelier -REDACTED-)

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