The Worlds of Jan Stryvant




With family friend Steve Bryson having been sworn in as the new President, Troy can finally go home and have that great big party... Err, Wedding! Still, Troy's happy; he's got four of the most wonderful women in the world and knows better than to question the circumstances that got him here.

However, the big question now is: What Next? Sure, opening up Troyland sounds like a great idea, Adam's interested, and while Mongolia may be cold, that just means no competition, and the Chinese government will be happy to look the other way as the lions handle that little problem for them. But... his father wants him to take over the Lion Embassy in DC, for reasons Troy still isn't sure he quite understands. After all, would you put a goofball cheetah in control of the Lion's sole embassy in the world?

Didn't think so...

But, on the other hand, Troy knows that SJ still has problems, and is still tearing his mane out over some of them. Sure the removal of Mr. Hunt may have solved the biggest one, but Troy has his suspicions, and the idea of leaving his brother hanging isn't something he can just do.

And hey, a few weeks in DC couldn't hurt, right? What's the worst that could happen?

WARNING: This is a Troy book - contents under pressure and no that wasn't your wallet being picked out of your pocket. Everything is fine, I'm fine, you're fine, we're all fine down here! Beware of Foxes in Black & White and understand that Cyra just doesn't hold grudges, she strangles them until they scream. If you, or anyone you know, has been hit by a battleship running a red light in Washington DC, you may be entitled to compensation! Please call us at the law offices of Don't and Gothere, giggling homicidal maniacs are standing by!

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