The Worlds of Jan Stryvant

Trying Times

Simple Things, Book 13:

Sean's found himself trapped in the realm of the demons, and he's also found a mystery there as well - a lioness. How and why she's there, and if she'll help him, he doesn't know yet. But if anyone knows the lay of the land, the demons, and how to get out of there, he figures it would have to be her.

Back home, Adam is doing his best to fit in and not make too many mistakes. At least he heals fast so no one notices the bruised shins from being kicked by Roxy all the time. The war however is already starting to heat up, even without the main gateway being open. Apparently Sean's actions are having an effect, and not necessarily a good one.

But people are pulling together and everyone is starting to discover just how high the stakes really are.

Trying Times, Book 14:

As if Sean doesn't have enough problems, it seems that the crazies have finally decided to take him on. Whether it's fanatics who think he's the devil incarnate, or just people looking for any excuse to spread carnage, they've decided that Sean and the lycans present a problem that needs to be eliminated. Then there's that leak in Washington, apparently they didn't remove all of the demonic influences from D.C. like they thought they had.

But even with this added complication to the war, Sean's still very happy to be home once again and back in the arms of his loving wives and family. Estrella's also happy to be back on the side of the gateway on which she belongs, not to mention having finally found a husband and a family. Though things may have changed just a little bit since she left.

WARNING: The Valens Legacy: Publisher's Pack 7 contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, polyamory, mayhem, blitzkriegs, some poor people who deserved better, and a nod to an old singing duo who were quite talented.

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