The Worlds of Jan Stryvant

Valens Legacy Publishers Pack 08

Firestarter, Book 15:

Up until now, Sean has only been fighting battles. He's been fighting them against the demons coming through temporary gates, demonically backed agencies, magic users, or even just plain crazies. But now, now the war, the real war, is about to start as the date for the main gateway, which will be open for two years, draws near. A gateway through which millions of demons will be coming to conquer the world.

And yet there is just so much still to do. Help and reinforcements are flooding in, but people need to be sorted out, infected were necessary, and trained. Supplies need to be organized, and bureaucrats must be dealt with. Plans must be made and often updated as more and more is learned about their enemies and their allies.

It's a tall order for a young man who is barely past his twenty-second birthday, lion or not.

WARNING: "Firestarter" contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language (yes! bad language, bad, bad language - now go stand in the corner until you can behave!), robbery, murder, demons doing nasty things, faux preachers doing worse things, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, confiscation of public property, unscrupulous and manipulative people, polyamory, explicit sex, mayhem, more demons, people who aim to misbehave, gratuitous sex and violence, as well as dairy products gone bad.

Times Like These, Book 16:

The war has begun in earnest. The main gateway has opened and the minions of the Onderwereld are starting to come through in greater and greater numbers. For now they can hold them off, but when your enemy just reincarnates a week after you kill them, what can you do? It's a war of attrition for Sean's side, a war that will come with a very high price.

However, Sean knows that there are weapons that can kill a demon so that it can't respawn and he's bound and determined to get them, even if it means going back through a gateway. He just has to find a way to sneak past a million demons and then run around their home without getting caught.

But he still has a few extra cards up his sleeve to play in this game.

WARNING: The Valens Legacy: Publisher's Pack 8 contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, polyamory, bad language (yes! bad language, bad, bad language - now go stand in the corner until you can behave!), and two female werejaguars who put on an act at the casino that would really get your attention - too bad you missed it.

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