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Demon Days

Demon Days

The war has finally begun and the duty of fighting it has fallen to Sean. Now if only he could convince the rest of the world that there really is a war on and it isn't just another 'art installation' at Burning Man. Maybe then he could get some help. Fronting the costs of a war isn't cheap, and while Sean may be making money hand over fist, he's spending it twice as fast. If he doesn't get help soon, the lack of money, food, and supplies will kill him faster than any demon.

Then there's the demons themselves. What comes out of the gates at times seems almost as random as the gates themselves. Some of the groups are obviously coordinated and very well trained making Sean's job of stopping them a hard one. As the gates are getting larger with time until the main one opens, Sean will find his resources and his people being stretched farther and thinner as the immortal demon lords bring their massive armies to bear.

Because humans are food to the demons and the larder is now very full, and they don't intend to leave this time until they've eaten every last one.

WARNING: "Demon Days" contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, robbery, con men, frame jobs, murder, military style raids, blitzkriegs, Burners, self-centered officers, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, destruction of private property, vandalism, planting evidence, polyamory, mayhem, demons, destroyed souls, people who aim to misbehave, gratuitous sex and violence, and a young girl who just knows that she's finally gotten to meet Aslan and ride on his back just like Lucy did!

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